Welcome to the official store for WBF Arcade. Get your official merchandise here!!  Find custom items like WBF Arcade souvenirs, arcade game parts and accessories, redemption prizes and more.


 Please see photos before purchasing. 

  • WBF Arcade T-Shirts … $15 plus tax (more sizes to come soon!)
  • WBF logo cups, 12oz. … $2 plus tax
  • WBF pencils … $1 plus tax
  • Popcorn, freshly popped … $0.50 per bag: grab a bag of our delicious signature buttery popcorn today!!
  • WBF logo cinch bag $20
  • WBF arcade pint glass- 2 sided design the WBF Arcade pint glass is a must have perfect for cold drinks. Grab yours today! $20
  • WBF Arcade Magnets $10 Each high quality magnet with WBF Arcade logo 
  • Assorted arcade video game parts $80
    • automatic music arcade tokens  $20
    • assorted vintage shaving memorabilia razors  and blades $40
    • redemption and fair game bezels SOLD out 
    • basic fun defender sticker replacement decals $5
    • LAI lighthouse arcade game manual $10
    • plastic prize hanging loops $65
    • pinball  machine replacement rubber bands $75
    • ATARI red barren arcade glass bezel $45
    • Sega Turbo arcade game glass bezel for mini cockpit or upright cabinet $50
    • Coleco Frogger tabletop game marquee replacement sticker decal $5
    • Sammy arcade game prize motor replacement part $75
    • Vintage arcade game boards  $50
    • two vintage Williams Robotron 2049 arcade game Parts Catalogs/manuals $12
    • random vintage arcade game coin doors $30 
    • FIREBALL Skeeball marquee $39
    • LED lighting upgrade kit $75
    • metal coin door $20
    • ATARI joystick game system toy $30
    • jewelry crane kit $60
    • GALAGA cocktail mini arcade game keychain  $15
  • Four assorted Rudy Bagman California Raisin Figures … $75 
  • Rubber Duck Assortment … $90
    • 100 vinyl rubber duck assortment. Looking for a mixed variety of ducks? Holes in their mouths for squirting water. They DO NOT squeak.
    • assorted  colorful fruit FACE foam balls $55
    • LAI time buster redemption game main PBC game  board $60
    • NFL hanging minor prize bags for stacker road trip slam dunk time 2 win build a brick RED-ZONE  time buster pile up lighthouse prize tree and block party machines 25pcs $50
    • Ms Pacman plug and play controller works for stacker major prize strapped $40
    • Jolly Rancher gummies theater boxes great flavor taste gummies lot of 5 boxes $20 

Winking Lizard Tavern with Tuxedo & Menu  BOSLEY Bobbers bobblehead $49

A limited number of the Winking Lizard bobbleheads were made supplies are limited 

Vintage arcade game steering wheels and shifters $99

Untested Big Choice action Crane machine parts $30

Assorted gummy bear erasers. These erasers are fun to use, place on your pencil or pen and erase with $24

Swedish Fish Tub $20

Spongebob buildable figures- these fun figures include your favorite Spongebob characters including Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Sandy.  24pcs. $50.00

LAI time buster arcade owners manual $20

Midway GORF Arcade game  original manual  $10

Small licensed plush toys 24 pcs. $234.00

MLB self vend baseballs $200.00

Hanging Electronic Kit $60  

pop corn freshly popped $2

Assorted  mp4-3 players 24 pcs. $200

Soda can RC cars $25

Assorted splat balls $16

Candy Hanging prize kit $90

Big squoosh pencil toppers- bulk $50

Spongebob Episode play packs chaperone- $34

Rubber frogs assortment 30pcs  $200

 Harley Davidson pinball-sit down plastic piece $9

Midway Rally x arcade game manual $10

Midway arcade game board $50

Pile Up amusement machine display Board $30

Pile Up arcade manual $40

FUN & GAMES plexiglass Arcade SIGN $30

19 pcs of train track $35

18 high bounce balls new $10

Hanging Flappy Bird Kit $50

Hanging candy kit $40

Egg chicken mix filled with candy Kit $40