10  years of classic arcade games in Ohio!!! WBF Arcade is the #1 arcade in Ohio. Play all the video games and pinball you want at no charge.  All our games are free play,  no admission prices required.  We’re bringing the golden age of arcades back, combining a pure retro arcade experience.  Classic 80s & 90s arcade games running all original hardware & parts, memorabilia and pinball with ice cold Mtn Dew, beer & rock and roll.  We have everything from classic vintage ARCADE games, rare machines,  collectible toys,  consoles, signs and advertising/ bar memorabilia  from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Some features include our signature free popcorn, a rare Captain Morgan plinko machine, the original Atari NES,  COLECOVISION, pinball machines, a refrigerator full of Mtn Dew Game Fuel, energy drinks, soda and canned beer.  Be sure to grab some quarters to try our vintage cigarette vending machine.  What you will see around the arcade are loads of movie posters, signs and other collectibles from the past.  Come see our exclusive collection of California Raisins merchandise.

Soft drinks include: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mtn Dew, Root Beer, iced tea, MOUNTAIN DEW AMP and water.

 If you love arcade games and pinball WBF Arcade is your retro entertainment destination! Here At WBF Arcade it’s all about preserving classic arcade games for future generations to enjoy.  Let the legacy of arcade games live on forever!!!  2021 remodel has been completed! We took some time to clean and freshen up the arcade.  Check out the most recent photos of what it looks like below!!

WBF Music Co. now featured in May 2021 REPLAY magazine. Proud to announce WBF Music Co. is an honorary member of the “ OCMA” Ohio Coin Machine Association. 

Here at WBF Music Co. our goal is to provide the best and newest equipment.  We offer guaranteed service. You invite the people, we supply the fun and games!  Here at WBF Music Co. we promise to provide you with the best games possible for your establishment and we service all types of coin op amusement machines including arcade video games,  jukeboxes, vending machines, popcorn machines ,plush cranes and more for your  business. Plus WBF Music Co. provides popcorn services for your customers. Whether you’re a popcorn craver or not you’re sure to enjoy our signature crispy tasting popcorn made fresh everyday -always hot and ready! 

Instant Redemption games- people can buy small toys anywhere but putting them behind glass makes it exciting and keeps your customers coming back over and over again! Our instant redemption games are the perfect way to provide  your establishment with the games you want. Got a pocket full of quarters? Here at WBF Arcade we offer prize games from crane games, merchandisers and skill games. They all fun and challenging but they’re all addicting. Most games at WBF Arcade are free play. Our prize games take quarters. Our games that operate on quarters range from 25 cents to $1.00 per play. 

Free play video games and pinball- WBF Arcade offers a huge army of free play arcade games and pinball machines.  Enjoy titles such as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Q*bert, Mortal Kombat, pinball machines and more. Play as long as you want on all video games and pinball as well as vintage arcade consoles including an original Atari 2600 NES and COLECOVISION. Well…other arcades think it’s ok to use knockoff parts and illegal emulators. Every one of our games runs original hardware and we always work hard to keep every game working perfectly all the time!

WBF Arcade’s  History:

Wyatt B. Farina has been into arcade games ever since 2011. He’s collected many 1980’s games, toys, signs, and more.

He started his first arcade humbly in the laundry room. When he outgrew that space, he moved all of his inventory to the basement. He was not happy with the dark space down there. Eventually, the basement arcade went bankrupt. He thought his future in the arcade business was over.

But then, a new barn was built on his property. Wyatt used 20% of the barn space for the grand re-opening of WBF Arcade.

Winter time was tough on business… and his game inventory dwindled.  Christmas  pulled through and provided him with new games for 2018. His new arcade is successful and Wyatt won’t be filing bankruptcy anytime soon.

 Game  on- Collect on!

Images and copyright WBF arcade 2021